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Account Opening Guide

Please Prepare First

Chinese Identity Card

Hong Kong Bank Card

Hong Kong and Macau Pass

Proof of Address



Mobile phone enters the Capital Boyi App
Click to open an account

Online account opening APP
Download QR code




Follow the steps to fill in the information

Step 1: Register and open an account with a mobile phone number

The customer enters the 11-digit mainland mobile phone number and the image verification code in the corresponding position.
After clicking "Get Verification Code",
the mobile phone SMS prompts the verification information,
the customer enters the corresponding 6-digit SMS verification code.

Click "Verify and open an account" to start the first account opening process.

Customers can also use this interface,
click "Account Opening Progress Inquiry",
to check their own account opening progress.

Step 2: Upload ID card.

Currently only supports uploading of personal ID cards in mainland China

The customer uses the mobile phone camera to take the ID card and upload the photo after completion.

When shooting, the front side of the ID card must be aligned with the photo, and the back side of the ID card must be aligned with the position of the national emblem.

The system will automatically recognize the name, gender, address and ID number.

Step 3: Upload Hong Kong and Macau Pass

Currently only supports uploading of permits for travel between Hong Kong and Macau in mainland China.

The customer uses the mobile phone camera to take photos of the front and back of the ID, and upload the photos after completion.

Step 4: Upload proof of address

The customer uses the mobile phone camera to take the address proof and upload the photos.

The interface will prompt the customer to accept the type of proof of address,

If the customer uses a Mainland Chinese ID card as proof of address,
the ID photo must be submitted again on this page.

Step 5: Customers obtain information sources

The customer clicks on the recommended information source for account opening according to his own situation.

Step 6: Basic information

This page will display the basic information form based on the personal ID card uploaded by the customer,
the system automatically recognizes and generates the basic information.
Customers need to fill in the "English name"
(after the subsequent update, the "English name" will be accurately defined as the English spelling in the certificate)

Step 6 (continued): Basic information

Customer pull down the information box,
fill in the email, zip code, work unit, occupation (drop-down menu), position (drop-down menu), education (drop-down menu) and other information.
This page must be filled in completely (except for optional items) before
can choose the next step.

Step 7: Bank account information

The customer clicks on the menu and enters the account number based on the name of the bank that holds the overseas account.

Customers use mobile phone cameras to take pictures of bank account information/bank cards and upload photos.

The page reminds customers that future fund transfers will only support the designated bank accounts uploaded on this page.

Step 8: Financial Status Questionnaire

The customer makes a "right or wrong" selection based on the following questions.

Step 9: Account Opening Market

At present, the system selects "Hong Kong Futures Market" and "Global Futures Market" by default.

Step Ten: Check the various agreements

The customer must click to open all the agreements to read,
after reading is completed,
must click "read" to proceed to the next step.

The system will prompt the customer for unread agreement items.

Step 11: Signing

The customer performs an electronic signature in the blank area of the screen (the pen signature is not entered by typing).
After signing, the
signature style will be automatically added to the signed agreement.

Step Twelve: Live Body Detection

In order to ensure the authenticity of the customer,
this step requires the customer to follow the prompts on the screen (turning head / bowing / raising head / blinking / opening mouth, etc.) for photo shooting and motion detection.


Complete the account opening after the online return visit