Product Information
Committed to using Internet thinking
optimizing the operation of existing futures services in Hong Kong,
Through the network and electronicization of investment services,
incorporate cutting-edge Internet technology and design,
Allow investors to easily experience the convenient one-stop investment service.

Margin Information

Reminder: The futures margin ratio is for reference only. Qunyi will consider customer trading account conditions, market conditions, price changes and other related factors; and has absolute discretion to make adjustments to different customers.
Qunyi reserves the right to adjust the margin shown on this page or stop providing margin at any time and under any circumstances without prior notice to the customer ("--" in the list means not applicable).

Promotion Period
Security Deposit

Non-promotional period
Security deposit

Variety Name Exchange Currency Offer Initial
Offer maintenance
Promotional time
Local time
Maximum leverage in a day
Leverage ratio
ALB 阿里巴巴2103 HKEX HKD -- -- -- 7.55
ALB 阿里巴巴2104 HKEX HKD -- -- -- 7.5
AUD 澳元2103 CME USD -- -- -- 35.75
AUD 澳元2106 CME USD -- -- -- 35.77
BTC CME比特幣2106 CME USD -- -- -- 1.61
BZ 布油現金2105 NYMEX USD -- -- -- 14.37
BZ 布油現金2106 NYMEX USD -- -- -- 14.27
BZ 布油現金2112 NYMEX USD -- -- -- 13.52
CAD 加元2103 CME USD 968 880 17:30:00~
CAD 加元2106 CME USD 968 880 17:30:00~