About Capital
Committed to using Internet thinking
optimizing the operation of existing futures services in Hong Kong,
Through the network and electronicization of investment services,
incorporate cutting-edge Internet technology and design,
Allow investors to easily experience the convenient one-stop investment service.

About Us

The Capital Group's subsidiary CSC Futures (HK) Ltd. was set up in 1998, and has obtained various licenses from the Hong Kong SFC and the Hong Kong Exchange (HKEX) over the years. In response to the futures market development and to meet the needs of clients with different types of investment attributes, the company focuses on the development of new program trade, electronic trading systems, and new futures and options products to actively promote the service quality of its futures brokerage business.

Meanwhile, after years of efforts, CSC Futures (HK) Ltd. has demonstrated a strong business capability by merged into Capital Futures Corporation Taiwan (TWSE: 6024) which has acquired 10 exchange memberships worldwide, also successfully made its name known in Hong Kong's among the world's leading FCMs by leveraging its headquarters’ direct market access (DMA) arrangement in most major futures exchanges globally. At this moment,CSC Futures (HK) Ltd. is servicing mainland China and global clients by its stable financial status, outstanding IT support, and numerous product variety in Hong Kong.

The main businesses of CSC Futures (HK) Ltd.
CSC Futures (HK) Ltd. is a Hong Kong Futures Exchange-approved market participant for trading Hang Seng Index futures, options and other futures products. It is dedicated to trading on behalf of clients futures and options listed on major global futures exchanges. Clients may use financial leverage to multiply their investment returns or hedge other investment products' risks especially when the financial market is undergoing a period of fluctuations. Clients may control risks within a certain degree and achieve their ideal profit, thus the clients' interest are more securely safeguarded. At present CSC Futures (HK) Ltd. provides multiple trading systems such as“Strategy King”, “Sharp Point Trader”, “Ayers GTS” with various needs from direct sales clients, i-banks, professional institutional investors, and algorithm traders.
Meanwhile, CSC Futures (HK) Ltd. cooperates with brand name asset management firms to launch the managed account service.