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Global futures market quotation +
transaction Covering the Chinese
market and emerging markets in Southeast Asia

DMA(Direct Market Access)

Quickly place an overseas DMA order
Let you be direct, fast and stable
Master the global market without omission!

LME(London Metal Exchange)

The world’s largest base metal and
Futures and options market of other metals

Esunny Epolestar

Market quotation, trading, and procedures are integrated into one
Flexible interface layout
Powerful technical analysis function


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Global Futures Market

Award and Honor

Hong Kong Market

    • 商品期貨傑出期貨商獎
    • 恆生指數期貨交易量列全市場前十
    • 基礎金屬業務傑出合作夥伴
    • 貴金屬業務傑出合作夥伴
    • 黑色金屬業務傑出合作夥伴

Mainland China Market

    • 期貨日報全國實盤交易大賽優秀IT服務獎
    • 期貨日報全國實盤交易大賽優秀交易商獎
    • 期貨日報全國實盤交易大賽優秀交易指導獎
    • 金融衍生品介甫獎最佳經紀商
    • 金融衍生品介甫獎最佳衍生品風險管理機構

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